Beagle Dog Price In India[2021]: How Much Would It Cost?

Beagle dog falls under the small dog breeds in India. If you are buying a Beagle dog, you must know the average cost of a Beagle.

Beagle Dog Price In India:

The Beagle puppy or dog price in India(2021) is around 25,000 to 30,000 rupees. For a high-quality Beagle dog, you may have to pay 30,000 to 35,000 rupees.

Here, you must have to know some factors that affect the cost of Beagle in 2021.

Beagle Puppy Price In Various Cities Of India:

To know the average Beagle price I called more than 100 professional breeders from various cities of India.

Beagle price in India

You can take an idea from the Beagle price list given below.

  • Jaipur: Beagle price in Jaipur (India) is around 18,000 to 20,000 INR.
  • Kolkata: Beagle puppy and dog price in Kolkata is 20,000 to 23,000 Indian rupees.
  • Mumbai: Beagle price in Mumbai is 30,000 to 35,000 rupees.
  • Punjab: In Punjab, Beagle dog and puppy price is 12,000 to 15,000 INR.
CityPrice (INR)
Aurangabad20,000 to 25,000
Bangalore23,000 to 28,000
Chennai28,000 to 30,000
Hyderabad23,000 to 25,000
Kerala20,000 to 25,000
Kolhapur20,000 to 23,000
Nagpur20,000 to 25,000
Nashik20,000 to 25,000
Pune25,000 to 30,000

Factors Affecting Price Of Beagle:

Now we will discuss briefly the factors which affect the Beagle cost.

1. Location Of Buying:

The local breed can cost you less. But if you are exporting, then the cost will increase.

Thus, to save money, if the local breeder is trustworthy, it is an excellent choice to buy.

2. Buying Place:

In India, you can Beagle from three different places: Pet mill, Pet shop, Professional breeder.

  • Pet Mill:

In the pet mill, Beagle dos are bred only to gain profit. Low quality of the environment and food quality is given to the dog. Thus, don’t buy any pets from the pet mill.

  • Pet Shop:

Owner of pet shos buys dogs from pet mils. They feed them with good quality food.

There is no much difference between a pet mill and a pet shop. The quality of the dog you will get is the same.

So, buying from the pet shop makes no sense.

  • Professional Breeder:

The professional breeder is the only right choice to buy Beagle or any pet.

Professional breeders are pet lovers. They care most than anyone. It is a safe choice to buy.

The only drawback is the money they demand. Beagle from a breeder can cost you around 25,000 to 30,000 INR.

3. Lineage:

Pure Beagle breed will cost you as high as 30,000 to 35,000 rupees.

4. Age:

Eight months of Beagle puppy cost more than the elder one. Any dog in puppyhood can learn tricks quickly as compared to an adult one.

5. Unique Features:

The Beagle dog breed comes in colors like white, red, lemon, and tricolor. If these colors make unique shapes, then you have to pay more.

Monthly Expenses On Beagle Dog:

1. Cost Of Feeding Beagle Dog In India:

Beagle dogs are very energetic. They love to play all day. Thus, a Beagle dog requires quality food with ample amount. You can feed them veg and non-veg both.


It would be best to give the Beagle food rich in protein and take care that it does not become fat.

Thus, you must have to know right diet for Beagle. But before that, let’s see the physique of the Beagle.

Height (Inches)Weight (Kg)
13 and belowBelow 9
13 to 159 to 13

So, a Beagle puppy requires 120 calories per kg. While an adult Beale needs 100 calories per kg. As the Beagle dog breed gets older, the need for calories decreases.

You must be thinking how many times a day the Beagle has to feed. So, let me answer your question in simple language.

AgeMeals per day
3 to 4 weeks6 to 8 (small meals)
8 to 6 months3
6 to more2

So, the overall cost to feed a Beagle dog in 1,500 to 3,000 rupees.

2. Grooming Cost Of Beagle In India:

Grooming cost depends upon the length and breed of the dog.

Beagle has a double coat. They shed in Spring.

Brushing will help you to keep the quality of the coat. Weekly brushing is enough for a dog-like Beagle.

Beagle’s grooming cost in India is 1,500 to 2,000 rupees.

3. Cost of Vet And Vaccination:

The vet and vaccination cost of a Beagle is around 5,000 to 7,000 rupees for the first year.

After that, medicine and other charges will be 1,000 to 3,000 rupees per year.

4. Cost Of Neutering/ Spaying Beagle:

If you are decided not to breed a dog, it would be appropriate to neutering.

Once the Beagle becomes one year old, then you can spay him/ her.

It will cost you around 6,000 to 12,000 INR.

Beagle Dog Diet Plan:

Now we will talk about the Beagle dog breed diet plan. This diet plan will not only let you know about his diet but also whether you can give time and food to the Beagle or not.

But remember that you can add or remove some ingredients/food from it. You can change it as per your need.

The Beagle dog breed is very energetic and playful. They can play with you 24 x 7.

They require a good amount of nutrients. Thus, you have to pay attention to a diet plan.

Before discussing the Beagle diet plan, we will talk about what to feed and whatnot.

1. Go for healthy, not cheap:

People always ask the price before buying any product. Try to avoid it. See which nutrients they offer on packing and then decide.

Otherwise, your puppy will suffer from a lack of nutrients.

Whichever brand’s product you choose, definitely see whether it contains protein, fat, nutrient, protein, fatty acid.

Also, check the benefits of nutrients on product packaging.

2. Raw food:

Many people in India make the mistake that they feed raw meat to their dogs.

Please avoid this. Do not feed raw meat to Beagle.

So, boil the meat and feed him.

If we talk about fish, then boil it and remove fish bone too. Otherwise, fishbones can be stuck in the dog’s throat.

3. Chilli

4. Chocolate

5. Soya

6. Tea

7. Overfeeding

Now we will talk about the Beagle diet plan age by age.

1. 0 to 1 month:

0 to1 month age is the most important period for a puppy. Mother’s milk can avoid many health issues of the puppy.

So, never buy a puppy in this period.

Instead of buying, you can book your Beagle puppy and buy it after 6 to 7 weeks.

2. 1 to 3 months:

You can feed 1 to 3 months old Beagle puppy milk replacer or cerelac.

3. 3 to 4 months:

Starter food is the best after 3 months of age for a Beagle puppy.

4. 4 to 6 months:

Boiled eggs are best for 4 to 6 months old Beagle puppies. Keep in mind that do not feed them too many eggs at a time. Instead, feed 2 eggs after 2 to 3 days.

Also, you can feed eggs with boiled rice.

You can feed boiled chicken to 4 to 6 months old puppy. Also, feed the remaining water from cooked chicken.

Calcium bones are also the best for calcium sources.

5. Above 6 months:

Now we can add branded products or whatever food we were feeding earlier.

Also, you can change dog food if you are dog is not getting desired results like hair growth, hair texture, weight, etc.

At this stage, fruits and vegetables can help your dog to stay healthy and fit.

Also, avoid feeding fruits and veggies regularly.

Along with it, feed yogurt, buttermilk, and roti.

FAQ: Beagle Dog

Is Beagle a wild dog?

No. AKC has registered Beagle as a Hound breed. But it does not mean wild.
Beagle is one of the most famous foreign dog breeds in India. This dog breed is best for first-time owners and who live in apartments.

How many times can I give my two-month-old Beagle puppy a calcium milk bone?

Feeding is related to the weight of the puppy. You can feed one milk bone per two kg of your puppy’s body weight.

Do Beagles make good house pets?

Yes. Beagle dog breed is very intelligent and smart. It requires very less maintenance cost which makes it perfect house pet.

What problems do beagles have?

Beagle can suffer through hip dysplasia, luxating patella and eye disorder.
Thus, to avoid health-related problems doctors recommend few tests like hip evaluation, MLS DNA test and Ophthalmologist Evaluation.


Here we see Beagle Dog Price In India, monthly expenses and factors affecting it.

Visit to know more about dog price: Dog price in India

If you have any questions regarding the Beagle dog price, then comment below. I will answer your question.

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