German Shepherd Price In India: Know Price In Your City

Today, I will tell you the German Shepherd price in India 2021.

Also, we will discuss the price of German Shepherd dogs in different cities of India, factors affecting its cost, and monthly expenses.

German Shepherd Price In India:

German Shepherd price in India varies on its coat type. Double coat GSD costs you 6,000 to 20,000 rupees in India, while double coat costs you 16,000 to 25,000 rupees.

German Shepherd Price In Major Cities Of India:

I called more than 100 professional breeders from various places in India to know the GSD price.

German Shepherd Price In Major Cities Of India

Here is the list:

PlaceSingle Coat (INR)Double Coat (INR)
Andhra Pradesh7,00013,000
Delhi4,000 to 12,0008,000 to 16,000
Goa13,000 to 17,00019,000 to 35,000
Himachal Pradesh6,00012,000
Madhya Pradesh9,00017,000
Maharashtra12,000 to 16,00018,000 to 30,000
Uttar Pradesh6,00014,000
West Bengal10,000

Note: The prices of German Shepherd may vary from breeder to breeder. This is not a exact price.

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Factors affecting On Price Of German Shepherd:

1. Demand:

German Shepherd demand in India is very high. You will easily find GSD around.

2. Quality Of Breed:

Quality of breed is the most crucial factor while deciding cost.

If the quality of the puppy is good, then the price will be higher.

3. Buying Place:

In India, there are three to four places from where you can buy GSD. I will tell you in-depth about the best places to buy GSD later. But for now, you should know that a professional breeder is an excellent way to get a GSD.

4. Purity:

A mixed-breed has less price than a pure breed. I always prefer a pure breed dog.

To know the purity, check KCI, where you will get the dog’s lineage if register.

5. Location Of Buying:

As location changes, the cost of a German Shepherd varies. Typically, in cities like Mumbai, Pune Delhi, the price is higher.

German Shepherd Characteristics:

Here, I will tell you the physique of GSD.

Height23 to 27 inches (Male), 21 to 25 (Female)
Weight29 to 41 kg (Male), 23 to 32 (Female)
Lifespan11 to 14 years
NatureConfident, Obedient
Professional GroomingYes
Cost TypeDouble
ColourBlack, Red, Black, Black Cream

Varieties Of German Shepherd Dog:

Before jumping types of GSD, I will tell you the difference between show line and working line GSD.

Working LineShow Line
The working line GSD are bred for military purpose.The show line GSD are bred for pet and dog shows.
Working line dogs has thicker and straight body.Show line dogs has thinner with slanted back body.
More aggressive while trainingLess aggressive nature.

Now, we will see GSD types one by one.

1. Show Line:

1. West German Shepherd Dog:

WGSD has a better look than other varieties.

Despite being a show line type, it can do small jobs like guarding your home and exercising.

This dog breed is family-friendly, which makes it a perfect pet.

2. American Show Line:

As its name suggests, it is bred in America for dog shows.

American German Shepherd dog has shiny coat, muscular and robust body.

This type of GSD’s is taller and lengthier.

They come with colour coats like white, black, tan and sable or mixing of 2 colours.

Keep in mind that American GSD’s are not as energetic as West GSD.

They are very relaxed and not capable of doing any job.

A GSD can learn quickly. They are loyal towards the owner, which makes them a perfect pet dog.

2. Working Line:

1. Czech Working Line:

Czech GSD is not a popular breed. This dog breed has a strong jaw and muscular body.

Czech is intelligent and obedient to their owners. You have to exercise them properly as they have so much energy.

2. West Working Line:

West Working Line GSD is exceptional in sports, law enforcement, and working jobs.

Mostly WWL dogs are black and tan.

3. East Working Line:

East working line dogs have a big head, dense body structure, and muscular body.

These dogs are used as border police dogs.

Things To Know Before Buying A GSD:

If you want to buy a GSD, then read this carefully.

1. Enough Space:

GSD is a large dog breed. Thus, it requires space according to its size.

If you do not provide enough space for regular activities, then they can be aggressive.

2. Price:

A breeder will charge high for a quality dog.

Thus, you have to take consideration of your budget accordingly.

3. Time Management:

It would be best if you had to give time for GSD.

Loneliness will develop a bad habit like barking unnecessarily.

4. Highly Energetic:

The GSDs are highly energetic. Regular exercise of more than one hour is required.

A large ground or park is a good place for them. Running and swimming is an excellent way to use energy.

Allow them to run as fast as they can.

If you do not give enough exercise time, they will bite your furniture, shoes, etc.

Monthly Expenses On GSD:

1. Cost Of Feeding GSD:

You can feed GSD homemade food as well as packed products.

Here is the list of homemade food.


Before serving, you must know the per-day calories requirement of your dog.

PhaseCalories per day
Active1,800 to 2,100
Adult1,200 to 1,500

 Now, divide calories into several meals.

Age (Months)Meals Per Day
Below 93
above 92

So, the overall cost of feeding GSD is 5,000 to 8,000 per month.

2. Cost Of Grooming:

GSD has a double coat with a soft undercoat.

Brushing them will maintain coat quality.

Bathing once per month is enough.

GSD does not require a professional groomer. You can groom him at home for 500 rupees only. But still, you can visit a professional groomer at 4000 to 5000 rupees per session.

3. Cost Of Toys:

Toys can play a significant role while playing with a German Shepherd. It can cost you around 500 to 1000 rupees.

4. Cost Of Treats:

Treats are essential while training sessions. It can cost you around 2,000 to 3,000 per month.


Is GSD a good family dog?

Yes, GSD is an excellent family-friendly dog. Early socializing and training will help them a lot.

Do German Shepherd like to cuddle?

Yes, they do enjoy cuddling.

What is the demand for a German Shepherd dog in India?

German Shepherd dog is the most common and popular dog breed in India.

Can we pet a German Shepherd at home?

Yes, But a one-hour play session per day is a must at play-ground.


Here, we have discussed German shepherd prices in India, affecting its cost and monthly expenses.

You must have to train them efficiently in puppyhood to socialize them well.

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