Siberian Husky Price In India: Know Price In Your City

Today we will discuss ‘Siberian Husky price in India [2021].’

Here, I will tell you Husky prices in India as well as in different cities.

But have you ever wondered whether Siberian Husky can live in India or not?

So, let’s start without wasting time.

Siberian Husky price in India:

The price of Siberian Husky in India is around 50,000 to 60,000 rupees. The show quality Siberian Husky will have an even higher price.

Siberian Husky Price In Different Cities Of India:

Let’s discuss Siberian Husky prices in different cities of India. So, you will get an idea of how much the price is in your area.

Siberian Husky price in different cities of India

I have called more than 100 professional breeders to know the cost of Siberian Husky.

Here is the list.

  • Kolkata:

Siberian Husky price in Kolkata is 50,000 to 55,000 rupees.

  • Mumbai:

For show quality, the Siberian Husky price in Mumbai is around 62,000 to 67,000 rupees. In comparison, the pet quality Siberian Husky price in Mumbai is 50,000 to 55,000 rupees.

CityShow Quality Price(INR)Pet Quality Price(INR)
Aurangabad50,000 to 53,00040,000 to 43,000
Delhi57,000 to 62,00048,000 to 50,000
Himachal Pradesh42,000 to 45,00035,000 to 37,000
Hyderabad55,000 to 58,00045,000 to 48,000
Jammu And Kashmir46,000 to 50,00038,000 to 40,000
Kolhapur40,000 to 42,00032,000 to 35,000
Nagpur54,000 to 58,00045,000 to 48,000
Nainital43,000 to 46,00036,000 to 38,000
Nashik40,000 to 45,00035,000 to 38,000
Pune55,000 to 60,00048,000 to 50,000

Factors Affecting Price Of Siberian Husky:

Here, we will discuss factors affecting the cost of Siberian Husky.

1. Location Of Buying:

The dog who lives in Mumbai will have a high price rather than a dog from Aurangabad.

2. Buying Place:

Pet mills, pet shops, and professional breeders are places to buy Siberian Husky in India.

Here, we will talk about these briefly.

  • Pet Mills:

In India, pet mills are the worst place to buy any dog. They litter female dogs for money.

So, don’t buy from pet mills.

  • Pet Shops:

A Pet shop is the next version of a pet mill. Same product with a different brand name.

Shop owners buy dogs from mills and sell them.

So, Remember don’t buy from pet shop owners.

  • Professional breeders:

Professional breeders are the trusted source of Siberian Husky. So, try to buy dogs from professional breeders only.

Monthly Expenses Of Siberian Husky:

Here, we will talk about monthly expenses like grooming, food, treats, and toys of the Husky dog breed.

1. Feeding Cost Of Siberian Husky:

You may have to invest more in Siberian Husky’s diet. According to the size, activity level, and age, food quality and amount vary.

Here, we will learn about physique of Siberian Husky according to AKC.

Male21 to 2422 to 27
Female22 to 2216 to 23

Siberian Husky is a working dog. Thus, you have to feed more as compared to other dogs.

Let’s see the best homemade Siberian Husky in India.

Non vegVeg
Boiled meatOats
Boiled chickenBrown rice
Boiled eggWatermelon
Boiled fishZero fat milk

You can feed packed products too.

But before that, you must have to know how many calories are required for Siberian Husky.

Generally, Siberian Husky needs 850 to 1300 calories per day.

Also, it can vary depending upon activity and age.

PhaseMeals per day

So, the overall cost of feeding Siberian Husky in India is 6,000 to 8,000 rupees.

The premium-quality dog food will cost around 10,000 to 15,000 INR.

But remember, Siberian Husky can grow well on homemade food too.

2. Cost Of Grooming Siberian Husky:

Siberian Husky is a natural dog breed because there is no need to bathe for a whole year.

But as an owner, you can groom their coat. At home, combing is the best option.

A professional groomer can charge you up to 4,000 to 5,000 rupees for a session. The grooming cost can vary from location to location.

3. Cost Of Vet And Vaccination:

The vaccination is a must to do for any dog breed. In India, vaccination will cost around 1,500 to 2,000 rupees. Also, the vet can charge up to 1,000 rupees.

4. Cost Of Toys:

You can expect toys cost up to 500 to 1,000 per year.

5. Cost Of Treats:

Treat for Siberian Husky can cost up to 1,500 to 2,000 per month.


We have discussed the price of Siberian Husky in India. If you have any questions, then contact me.